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The TEDx was dedicated to the memory of Tyler’s Father Glenn Sea.

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Doppio Gang

Local Coffee Culture Blog

At its most basic level, Doppio Gang exists to promote creativity and community. Each month the gang will highlight a different aspect of specialty coffee. Our goal is to bring together the barista or coffee professional and the coffee consumer to promote creativity and education around coffee. Each month we will release content around the featured drink that speaks to different learning styles. This format will give various members of the gang the ability to use their creative medium to add to the goal of educating the community about coffee.

DG For The Listener

"For the Listener", we will have a the Podcast..

DG For The Reader

For the Reader", we will have a the Blog.

DG For The Watcher

"For the Reader", we will have a the YouTube Channel.


I solve problems through design


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Graphic Design & Illustration Annual 2016

Vector Gold Design Annual 2015

Typographic Heart

Vanguard Noteworthy Opinion Art 2014

Graphical Taxonomy

Communication Arts

FPO Magazine


The Stylus on Paper


Beautiful Design Is

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