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Lately, the city by the lake has experienced a renaissance of sorts. The art scene has begun to blossom with new local artists, everyone seems to own a beautifully hand crafted leather bag, and coffee shops are springing up all over town. One of these new shops is Union Roasters, a comfortable shop with a drive thru, nestled conveniently between midtown and uptown. My wife and I recently visited Union roasters with a mission, to order a doppio, analyze our experience, and enjoy a rainy afternoon together, (all work a no play makes Phil a bummer to hang out with). Let me take you through my experience.

The Aesthetic

The first thing you will notice when you walk into Union is its solute to Scandinavian design, hygge. Hygge is the Danish word for coziness or comfort, and this is exactly what you will feel when entering Union. Half of the walls are painted white and the other are filled by big windows, which create a very open and light space. The incorporation of wood tables accented with the occasional succulent make this an Instagramers paradise. 

2018-11-25 01.06.02 1.jpg


The team that the owners of Union assembled is fantastic, every time I have come by for some coffee or a waffle I have been greeted with a smile, and then served a darn good cup of coffee. This is something every barista at Union prides themselves on, quality. They are particular in the details, even when ordering a drink as simple as a doppio.



The barista served me up a washed Ethiopian Kochere from the inner region of Yirgacheffe, this paired nicely with Jimi Hendrix's 'Purple Haze' playing softly in the background. My doppio came served in a thoughtfully branded cup with saucer and spoon, along with a heavy short glass of sparkling water (to cleanse the pallet before the first sip). I was impressed by the mindfulness that was poured into the presentation of this drink, but I was even more impressed by the drink itself. I'm no rookie to the world of espresso, in my 27 years on earth I have enjoyed a doppio from a variety of places, ranging from the kitchen of an architect in Florence to the waiting room of a tire store in Hayden. That being said, Union's doppio surprised me with a flavor that rivaled the beautiful aesthetic they had created in their shop. It was strong but not overbearing, confident but humble, like the conviction that comes from a lovingly truthful sermon delivered by your favorite local pastor.

I could say a lot more about how swell Union Roasters is, but I think I'll take a page out of their book and keep things simple. Check them out, this coffee shop is truly for the people.

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Phil Siemens

Coffee Consumer/Swell Guy